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  • Louisena Shelley (Tuesday, May 30 23 03:43 pm EDT)

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  • Manuel Byson (Tuesday, May 30 23 07:45 am EDT)

    Scam is a pandemic and unfortunately, I happened to be a victim of that pandemic, I was contacted on Instagram by a scammer who posed as a crypto investor. He introduced me to his platform where he trades cryptocurrency for people, all you had to do was subscribed to an investment plan for a certain duration, and at the end of that duration you withdraw your profits, he was really convincing, to be honest. I eventually went through his platform's page on Instagram and everything seemed and looked so genuine, I even saw posts of people testifying about how the platform transformed and skyrocketed their financial life. I still don't understand how they get people to make such false testimonies just to convince people to invest. Well, I subscribed to an investment plan and all I had to do was wait till the end of the duration to withdraw my profits but unfortunately, when my profits became due I couldn't make any withdrawals. I contacted the guy and to my surprise he blocked me and that was when it dawned on me that I have been scammed. I became furious but very helpless because there was nothing I could do. After two weeks I came across an article on how a hacker helped a man recover his funds from his locked blockchain account, I figured maybe he could do the same for me but I was skeptical about it because I thought "What if it was just another scammer posing as a recovery hacker" but I eventually gave in and went ahead to contact via his email I explained to him and he told me how long it would take for him to recover my stolen funds and to my amazement he did as he said even before the time duration.
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  • Gordon Nancy (Tuesday, May 30 23 05:08 am EDT)

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  • Erik Kustere (Tuesday, May 30 23 02:29 am EDT)

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  • Marcel Linda (Monday, May 29 23 12:50 pm EDT)

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  • Ivan Olensky (Friday, May 26 23 05:24 pm EDT)

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  • Henry Slyvie (Friday, May 26 23 03:07 pm EDT)

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  • Michael Henson (Wednesday, May 24 23 12:20 pm EDT)

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  • Michael Henson (Wednesday, May 24 23 12:20 pm EDT)

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  • Elsie Ross (Wednesday, May 24 23 06:36 am EDT)

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  • Serge Laurie (Monday, May 22 23 12:05 pm EDT)

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  • Cora Gibson (Sunday, May 21 23 10:17 pm EDT)

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